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Carling Beer commercial

A Love Saga with John Goodman


  • Autonation commercial
    Take a look at the Autonation commercial is currently being shown at Autonation locations everywhere!

Trailer for "Hell Fire"

  • "Hell Fire" trailer - WARNING: not for the faint of heart
    Check out the trailer for "Hell Fire" written and directed by Marc Fratto of Insane-O-Rama Productions. I am amazed at the work that Marc and producer Frank Garfi did on this feature. "Hell Fire" has already been picking up awards at Film Festivals across the country.

Last-Pictures presents "Asshole"

"Asshole" accepted to 2009 Sundance Film Festival

  • Click here to check out the "Asshole" website
    Last spring, I was in a short film called "Asshole" for Last Pictures. I play "Dr. Wong" who has to give "Vincent Allen" (played by Gavin McInnis) a grim diagnosis: he's an asshole! This 10 minute short is an official short film selection of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. "Asshole" is also an official selection of the San Francisco Independent Film Festival in Feb. 2009.

Sundance 09

  • After a screening
    Take a look at my photos from Sundance 09!

"Hell Fire" Preview

Friends with Deficits

  • Click here to watch the "Nam" video
    Friends with Deficits is a group of very funny actors/improvisors that I have worked with on various projects since July 2007. These are the first people I worked with in New York and I enjoy every minute with them. This sketch, "Nam," was written by the talented and lovely Lauren Faylor and Jennifer Yip.

O.M.F.G. Video

PSA: Reel in the Vote

Smart Phone Commercial

  • Click here for Smart Phone Commercial
    I recentlyl filmed a commercial spec for T-Mobile Smart Phones directed/written by Ryan Demler & Chunwoo Kae for OctomomProductions. If you like the commercial, please vote for it!

Mockumentary to premiere Feb. 21, 2009 in Chicago

  • Click here for the "Off the Cuff" website
    The mockumentary "Off the Cuff," written by my good friends Jessica Hardy and Brent Kado is scheduled to premiere in Chicago on Feb. 21, 2009 at 10:30 pm. This feature film was directed by Chris Sato. I play the chief judge in the Improvapalooza competition. Many of Chicago funniest and best improvisors are in this film!
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December 31, 2008


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Review of "Loyalties"

"Penang" is praised by Martin Denton

Read a review of "Yellow Face"


  • Scott Raker as Tim Riordan
    Take a look at photos from Penang

Click here for photos from "Yellow Face"

  • Opening Night Guest
    "Yellow Face" by David Henry Hwang. Presented by the Outrageous Fortune Company, November 14 - 23, 2008 at the Queens Theatre in the Park. Directed by Sofia Landon Geier. Cast: Scarlett Ahmed, Tom Ashton, Ray Chao, Jennifer Gegan, Jade Justad, Fenton Li, Anastasia Morsucci and Howard L. Wieder.

"The Usual Suspects" perform improv

  • Introducing the cast at the bloc party
    Know Laughing Matter teamed up with "Stephen King's High School Musical to perform improv at the Brookly Arts Walk 2010 to promote the BoCoCa Arts Festival. Members of both casts performed two sets of improv for Arts Walk participants.


  • Click here for the CSzNYC website
    ComedySportzNYC is New York's funniest family friendly improv show. We perform every Friday at 6pm at the Broadway Comedy Club. It's a lot of fun for the entire family!

Friends with Deficits - Photos

  • Friends with Deficits
    "Friends with Deficits" sketch comedy show at the Gene Frankel Underground Theatre, Dec. 16, 2008.

"Design for Living"

  • Otto and Leo
    In January 2008, I directed a wonderful all-Asian cast in scenes from "Design for Living" by Noel Coward for the "Sophisticated Swing Noel Coward Festival" produced by TheaterVision/Playtime. Peformances were January 20 and 22 at the 78th Street Theatre Lab. Thanks to the incredible cast: Sung-Mo Cho, Carl Ka-Ho Li, Arnold Kim, Jessica Ko, and Jennifer Tsay.

Friday Night Face Off

  • Click here for the FNFO website
    Although I am taking a break from performing with FNFO, it is still a fantastic show every Friday night in Port Jefferson. I hope to be back on stage with them soon!

Show photos

  • Davenports stand up
    Before, during, and after show pics!

Show posters

  • Poster
    Take a look at the posters for past shows.

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